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What is Kidilates® ?
Kidilates®  is a pilates inspired movement and postural programme for children.

Classes enable children to perform moves, actions and pilates inspired exercises to fun filled stories. Small play equipment such as the 'wibbly wobbly ball' and 'hedgehogs' are often used to facilitate or challenge positions. 
Kidilates® Goals
  • Develop Body Awareness
  • Postural education with fun & laughter
  • Improve balance & coordination
  • Encourage a positive healthy body image
  • Confidence Boosting
  • Movement is fun at Kidilates® ...
Kidilates® Classes in Liverpool
Kidilates® (4-9 Years)
Tuesday 16.15-16.55
Thursday 16.00-16.40 
Classes cost £7.00 each

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The Kidilates® story ...
Once upon a time Chartered Physiotherapist Sarah Norris designed a programme called Kidilates®. In addition to her physiotherapy qualification, Sarah is also a qualified pilates instructor, pilates presenter  and founder and director of a leading Merseyside physiotherapy clinic 'The Physiotherapy Centre' in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

'The Kidilates® concept has been inspired by meeting and treating so many adults and teenagers over the years with postural related aches and pains. Many of these clients also presented with poor body awareness and a negative body image.

I wanted to offer a preventative service to children to support their development into a generation of older children and young adults who have a knowledge of good posture, body awareness and the positive benefits of exercise embedded into their central nervous systems.  Childhood is such an obvious time to teach and reinforce these processes when the nervous, skeletal and muscular system is rapidly developing.

I have therefore blended my knowledge as a physio, experience as a pilates teacher and love of exercise to create the Kidilates® programme. Kidilates has a strong movement and postural focus but also aims to further educate children on body awareness keeping in line with the key stages of the national curriculum.

Kidilates® is an inclusive programme and is suitable for the majority of children including children that may have  some problems with movement or abnormal development. All children are screened prior to class attendance to ensure suitability and any concerns can be discussed with the Kidilates® Instructor.

Statistically our children need exercise more than ever. Make Kidilates® part of your childrens daily exercise regime.  All of the exercises we teach in class can also be practised at home.
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